NATO is capable of rendering military assistance on short notice - it is proved in the exercise, Commander Allied Joint Force Command Jörg Vollmer says

NATO is capable of rendering military assistance on short notice - it is proved in the exercise,...

On November 3 Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command (HQ JFC) Brunssum General Jörg Vollmer, Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys and Commander of the Polish Brigade forming the core of NATO's VJTF Brigadier General Dariusz Lewandowski met with the Polish, Spanish, Czech and Lithuanian training audience of international exercise Brilliant Jump 2020 at the Lithuanian Armed Forces Gen. Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area in Pabradė.

Exercise Brilliant Jump 2020, one of the biggest NATO exercises held in the region this year, took place in a part of Lithuania's territory and tested readiness of the multinational quick reaction NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) composed of Polish, Spanish armed forces units to carry out its mission.

After meeting with exercise participants and command, Commander Allied Joint Force Command Gen J.Vollmer expressed his delight that even in such special conditions the partner nations were able to make all the right decisions and to deploy in the region for the very first time the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force on a very short notice.

"I am particularly proud that members of the NATO alliance are training to act together and that we have managed to complete such a complex operation in a timely manner and properly bearing in mind all the precautions and procedures. That was also one of the key aims of this exercise: to demonstrate the Alliance ability to fulfil its commitments," General J.Vollmer said.

General underscored that even with the international context in mind, NATO had not decided to conduct the exercise unexpectedly.

"The political developments in the region are monitored and analysed on a permanent basis. We, Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command, announced our exercise plans long ago in line with all regulations, we have not presented any surprise, everything was done according to applicable procedures and I find it worthy to be proud of: if we say something, make a commitment, if our countries commit to complete a tasks, we do it in accordance with every rule set for it," Commander Allied Joint Force Command said.

"NATO has demonstrated in this exercise live its ability to move a large force in a short time to provide reinforcement to its allies. We, in our turn, had an opportunity to test our host nation logistical support chain and whether our infrastructure supports such tasks well, or if there are improvements to be made. Everything was completed successfully for which I am grateful to the exercise organisers. I am convinced that such action has a very clear communication and strengthens deterrence as result," Chief of Defence Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys pointed out in the exercise review.

Even though the exercise was planned to involve over 2.500 troops and roughly 6500 vehicles, the pandemic and resulting limitations cut the numbers to 1.800 and nearly 600. Allied units will redeploy to their homebases after the exercise wraps.

Lithuania notified the Defence Attaché of Belarus and the Ministry of Defence o Belarus about the exercise back in early September in order to promote transparency and trust. Also, Lithuania announced the upcoming exercise through the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) channels on September 24, and delivered a report on the matter at an OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation session on September 30 on a voluntary basis.

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Information credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces; photo credits: JFCBS MPA