Limitations put on service and training in the Lithuanian Armed Forces gradually dropped as the pandemic situation improves

Limitations put on service and training in the Lithuanian Armed Forces gradually dropped as the...

As the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Lithuania is improving, the Lithuanian Armed Forces is gradually lifting the restrictions put on routine activities and military training exercises.

The number of soldiers permitted to train in an exercises was increased from 30 (platoon size) to 100 (company size) on June 3, and training events for up to 150 will be allowed as of June 16. The Chief of Defence also authorised military personnel to be sent to international training events abroad again.


"We have maintained combat readiness throughout the lockdown period and we managed to protect troops from the coronavirus. Isolated cases have not had any effect because of the expedient response. Since the epidemiological situation in Lithuania is improving, I am giving the permission for military units to resume exercises outside of military territories. We are gradually going back to the usual military training tempo and continuing the activities to ensure readiness for our central task, national defence," Chief of Defence Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys.

Authorities conducting conscription, Military Conscription and Recruitment Service of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service, will be carrying out induction examinations again. The activity will be conducted in line with all health protection and infectious disease prevention requirements. Trained reserve exercises were supposed to begin on June 6, however, the activity will be postponed until the end of the month. There are changes made to the entire annual conscription plan because of the lockdown. Call-up to both, the Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service and the trained reserve exercises, is planned to take place from the beginning of July as a matter of routine.

All the courses are allowed to be resumed at military education institutions by decision of service commanders, military personnel will also be allowed to attend courses outside of the Armed Forces again. All restrictions concerning physical training exercises will be lifted, however, team sports training will be allowed to be conducted only to soldiers of the same unit.

Commanders of Lithuanian Armed Forces services and units will remain responsible for ensuring that soldiers with infectious disease symptoms are not reporting for duty but seeing a doctor instead. All the preventive measures against the spread of the virus, such as airing premises, disinfection of premises and persons, social distancing, etc., remain to be a requirement as well.

In total, 15 soldiers and civilian employees have fallen ill with the COVID-19 over the period of the pandemic, 14 have fully recovered by now. In all the cases self-quarantine, disinfection, and other necessary measures were applied. Military training exercises were not halted during the lockdown - soldiers of the Lithuanian Armed Forces have been training with certain restrictions for their main tasks, armed defence of the state, all the time.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces joined the efforts of state institutions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic on 3 March 2020. Soldiers of the National Defence Volunteer Force were assisting the National Public Health Centre, later - State Border Guard Service, Ministry of Health, Police Department. From 150 to 200 soldiers were assisting the said institutions every day for two months. At the moment there are over 40 soldiers assigned to complete different tasks.

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Photo credits: Sgt Arnas Čemerka (4,5), Sgt Vidas Stašaitis (6), Pte Eitvydas Matačinskas (1-3), MIB Griffin (7)