International Exercise Brave Griffin in full swing: Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and U.S .military train in the Suwalki Gap

International Exercise Brave Griffin in full swing: Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and U.S...

International Exercise Brave Griffin 2024 running in South Lithuania has passed from the force integration phase to the active phase which will train the headquarters and subordinate battalions of the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonas Karolis Chodkevičius Infantry Brigade Griffin to carry out defensive military operations and receive support in cooperation with the Polish, Portuguese and US. Allies Forces are rehearsing movement of capabilities, tactical march, reconnaissance, defensive operations and combat support tasks.

Exercise Brave Griffin 2024 is the first international exercise for the Infantry Brigade Griffin in the area surrounding the Suwalki Gap training defence scenarios based on the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish Orsha Plan. The exercise is conducted in Druskininkai City Municipality and Alytus, Lazdijai and Varėna regional territories with over 1500 troops and 200 pieces of tactical equipment.  Other participants of the exercise are the National Defence Volunteer Force, Military Police, Military Medical Service, Air Force, Air Defence, Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan and Col Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalions, as well as the U.S., Portuguese and Polish Allies.   

One of the centerpiece parts of the previous phase, the Combined Arms Rehearsal (CAR), assessed the planned operations and consolidated coordination with other units and the commander’s vision.    

Also during the force integration phase, personnel of the Griffin Brigade joined into a Task Force with the National Defence Volunteer Force personnel and Portuguese colleagues to secure and protect strategically important areas in their area of responsibility by the side of River Nemunas.  

According to a Reconnaissance Company Commander, Griffin Infantry Brigade, an extraordinary assignment required non-standard decisions, precise planning, involvement and synchronization of different capabilities.  “A water body is typically seen as an obstacle. In this situation we interpreted water as an opportunity rather: to quickly and unnoticed approach and capture the objects by means of relevant skills, tools and Allied support.  The result of the operation has demonstrated that the scouts have been prepared or wide-spectrum and complexity operations individually and in a reconnaissance unit and in cooperation with other units or NATO Allies. Situations in which you overcome hardship as a team gives birth to a strong military brotherhood.”

Exercise Brave Griffin 2024 will run until April 26. It is a part of a series of exercises planned on Lithuania’s territory this spring for the total of over 20 000 Lithuanian and Allied troops.